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We are a dog adventure service offering customized dog care and unique exercise programs. We believe that your dog deserves the best.  Every dog that is accepted into one of our programs must pass an evaluation. We carefully select dogs that are compatible and take them on daily activities such as hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, fetching and even snowboarding.

We strive for a consistency in the groups so that your dog is properly socialized with the other dogs. In other words, we want your dog to play with other dogs who we consider good role models.

"Thang is amazing! In just one afternoon our puppy was listening better, coming when called, playing with a pack + loving every minute of it. We learned so much in just a short time and can't wait to spend more time with Thang and his dogs. We are setting up another day next week! Pepper thanks you!" - Emily Schmutz 
"After just a couple of afternoons with Thang and Addie, my pup was a different dog. Whatever your need, Thang is the man to help make it happen. By watching him work with the dogs you can tell he has the knowledge and patience to make big changes in your dog's behavior." - Patrick Sullivan 
"I met Thang at the Edwards dog park one morning when I was trying to expend the energy out of my 5 month old Border Collie. He graciously gave me his card and explained his business. I soon realized Liza needed more exercise and socializing than I could provide. He has been my saving grace! Thang drives all the way to Gypsum to pick up my pup, hikes, socializes with new dogs, provides ample nap times and truly enjoys Liza when I'm at work. She is always excited to see Thang and his dogs! Her bond to the group in 2 short months has been remarkable. I know she is in great hands and having a ball!!" - Rebecca Thomas 



"I don't think there's anyone that loves dogs more than Thang, and understands the value of doggy adventures. Thang has watched my border collie on several occasions and the pup has come back with so much positive energy." - Drew Kartos 


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